Evaluasi Penggunaan Aplikasi Pengenalan Model Rumah Berbasis Virtual Reality Technology Acceptance Model

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Aiderman Makakombo
Liza Wikarsa
Thomas C. Suwanto


The housing marketing process has been highly developed, and developers are competing to promote their housing in the most attractive way possible. Fairs make an excellent place to encourage model homes. In exhibitions, there are usually brochures that are often distributed by those who market housing. Virtual Reality (VR) is a medium that allows users to experience real life even though they are only in cyberspace. In this research, a VR-based home recognition application will be built to promote the house model. Then, most of the focus of this research refers to testing the attitude of user acceptance of the application to be made. Satisfaction with the application will be analyzed using the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) approach based on the relationship between PEOU, PU, ATU, and BI. The results are that the level of public acceptance of the VR-based home model recognition application is very high.

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